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Decorate your bathroom with Bristan Taps. Taps from Bristan epitomize the very best of design and create beautiful bathrooms that complement the rest of your room decor. When combined with other designer bathroom products, Bristan range and top quality products and their exceptional price makes it a must see Brand. We offer Bristan Taps at cheap rates. Find Out More, by clicking on the ranges below.

Bristan Taps and Bathroom Accessories

Bristan is well known for its innovative bathroom taps and accessories. We are an authorised retailer of Bristan Products. With Bristan Products installed in your bathroom, you’ll love living with it. The shape and curves of Bristan Taps and accessories provide a sensuous addition to any bathroom.


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Versatile, elegant and practical, the Oval Dual Control Shower Valve with Integral Diverter from Bristan comes loaded with wondrous features. The integral diverter allows water to flow to two outlets. Incorporating Quarter turn 3/4 inch ceramic disc valve and a thermostatic cartridge to control a pre-set showering temperature, it is WRAS approved, safe and suitable for all plumbing systems. The contemporary oval design made of high-grade brass with a brilliant chrome finish is supremely attractive, suitable for portrait or landscape style installation and blends with any bathroom décor and covered by a 5-year guarantee against any manufacturing defect.

  • Bristan Oval Shower Valve
  • Polished with an High standard of chrome
  • Metal handles Included
  • Portrait or Landscape Installation possible
  • Hose outlet also included.

QS Code : QS-V54018

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 9 left

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 535.00



Quest Close Coupled Pan is a Bristan product which is made from high quality vitreous china and the contour is designed to suit your toilets space. The size matches all standard and soft toilet seats. This Close Coupled Pan is guaranteed by Bristan and is available for you at a very low price at QS Supplies.

  • Bristan Quest Close Coupled Pan
  • White Color Close Coupled Pan
  • Made from Vitreous China
  • Pre-fitted Cistern Trim.

QS Code : QS-V54102

Shipping : £ 19.99

Stock Availability : 5 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 110.00



Elegant and supremely efficient, the Sirrus extended slide bar shower kit is created for your enhanced ease and practicality. With a multi function slide rail bar and an extended 1750mm shower hose to compliment it, the shower kit comes with 3 spray function, rub clean or pin clean anti lime scale shower handset, closed loop hose retainer and a handy soap dish. What’s more, the 900mm slide bar rail can be cut according to your requirement.

  • Sirrus Extended Slide Bar Shower Kit From Bristan
  • Multi function slide rail bar
  • Extended 1750mm shower hose
  • Shower Kit includes :  3 spray function, rub clean, pin clean anti lime scale Shower handset
  • Manufacturing code of this Slide Bar Shower Kit is EEVK-CP.

QS Code : QS-V78198

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 3 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 220.00



This is a fabulous quality white color bathtub from Bristan's Twist range. The 5mm thick acrylic panel provided is to give the tub sturdiness. The edges are machine finished, to give proper curves and avoid injury. This elegant looking bathtub enhances the look of your bathroom giving it a royal touch.

  • Bristan Twist Single Ended Acrylic Bath
  • 5mm Thick Acrylic Bath
  • White color Single Ended Acrylic Bath
  • Bath Size
    Length : 1700mm
    Wide : 700mm
    Height : 545mm.

QS Code : QS-V53174

Shipping : £ 34.99

Stock Availability : 2 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 291.00



Ratings / Review

Overall Rating :

4 out of 5

12 of 12 QS Customer have rated this product 80%

Bristan, the house of eco-smart and high quality bathroom fixtures bring you a basin tap flow-limiter, one of the most essential fixtures in a modern home. The pink-finish flow limiter with a flow rate of 1 liter per minute and  accuracy of +/- 10 % improves water efficiency and controls wastage. The flow straighter also ensures a gentle, splash-free flow and is suitable for modern and retrofit installation. Easy to fit and simple to use it comes with a technical drawing for further information and comes with an assurance of reliability and long-term functioning.

  • Basin Tap Flow Limiter From Bristan
  • Pink finish flow limiter
  • Comes with Eco Smart Feature
  • 5mm thickness flow limiter
  • Manufacturing code of this Flow Limiter is ECO TAP1.

QS Code : QS-V78191

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 4 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 2.25



After practical research Bristan has designed a unique Cross Top Taps for your beautiful basin in his Value range. This chrome finished basin taps are well balanced and suitable for all type of basins and is supplied with metal backnuts for perfect fitments. Now you can easily buy this cross top basin taps at a comparative price only from QS Supplies.

  • Bristan 5412 Value Cross Top Basin Taps
  • Pair of basin taps
  • Chrome finished basin taps
  • Basin taps with metal heads and metal back nuts.

Bristan 5412 Value Cross Top Basin Taps - VAX 1-2 C

QS Code : QS-V54013

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 2 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 33.00



Ratings / Review

Overall Rating :

3.3 out of 5

3 of 3 QS Customer have rated this product 66%

With an intention to make your showering more joyous, Bristan presents you this surface mounted shower valve from the range of Art Deco. This shower valve comes to you in chrome finish and is traditionally designed to give your bathroom decor, a traditional look, with new style. This shower valve is backed with a guarantee of 5 years from Bristan and is now available at an unbeatable price from QS Supplies.

  • Bristan Art Deco shower valve
  • Thermostatic shower valve
  • Surface mounted shower valve
  • Chrome finished shower valve
  • Traditional designed.

Bristan Art Deco Thermostatic Surface Mounted Shower Valve - D CSHXVO C

QS Code : QS-V52249

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 3 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 509.00



Bristan Gummers Stainless Steel Shower Panel With VR Head.

  • Bristan Gummers Shower Panel
  • Supplied with Vandal Resistant shower head
  • Comes with an Easy to use feature
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Manufacturing code of this Stainless Steel Shower Panel With VR Head is TFP3000.

Bristan Gummers Stainless Steel Shower Panel With VR Head - TFP3000

QS Code : QS-V26182

Shipping : £ 10.00

Stock Availability : 4 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 1285.00



Upgrade your bathroom with this fantastic Moloko Bath Shower Mixer Tap to have a cool environment with magnificent design. Bristan supplies you this bath shower mixer tap with a single function handset with rub clean nozzles, a 1.5 meter hose and a wall bracket. This bath shower mixer tap comes to you in fine chrome finish and is now available at an unbeatable price from QS Supplies.

  • Bristan Moloko Bath Shower Mixer Tap
  • Single function handset with rub clean nozzles included
  • 1.5m hose, Metal heads and wall bracket included
  • Finished in high quality chrome.

Bristan Moloko Bath Shower Mixer Tap - MLK BSM C

QS Code : QS-V52148

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 3 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 655.00



Bristan in its constant endeavour to provide customer service, provides spares for repairs under its Tap Reviver series of Tap Repair kit. You can now replace damaged or defective heads of taps with this original tap repair kit. These are specifically designed to repair Bristan products, and assures you of the quality and reliability offered.

  • Bristan Revivers Tap Repair Kit
  • Revivers Tap Repair Kit
  • Tap Repair Kit with metal handle
  • Chrome plated Tap repair kit.

Bristan Tap Revivers Tap Repair Kit - R RK MT

QS Code : QS-V53070

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 2 Working Days Apprx

Bristan Bathrooms

RRP £ 15.00