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Flova Cascade

Water plays a vital role in the lives of people everywhere. It gives life and nourishes us as it also cleanses us. So, for many people, the sight and sound of running water can be a soothing and relaxing addition to the bathroom. This is what the Cascade collection from Flova brings to the bathroom design. Each of the spouts in this contemporary collection of taps allows the water to move visibly into a waterfall that flows into the bathroom sink. The spouts themselves are cut wider than average and open on the top of each square-shaped tap to let the water’s progress become visible.

This is also the case on tub fillers, both deck and floor mounted. The shower handsets in the collection help match the lines by mimicking the basic shape of the basin spouts. All Cascade pieces are made with solid brass and have a Diamond chrome finish to complete their contemporary look and style.

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