Duravit L-Cube 2 Drawer Vanity Unit With C-Bonded Basin


MFC CODE: LC6926O1818


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Download the Installation Instruction Of 600mm Unit Pdf File
Download the Installation Instruction Of 800mm Unit Pdf File
Download the Installation Instruction Of 1000mm Unit Pdf File
Download the Installation Instruction Of 1200mm Unit Pdf File

Please Note all the measurements are in 'mm'
Colour White Matt
Country of Origin Germany
Warranty/Guarantee 5 Years
Theme Modern
Installation Type Wall Mounted
Width 600, 800, 1000, 1200
Depth 480
Height 500
Number Of Drawers 2

Duravit L-Cube LC6926O1818 DETAILS

This stylishly compact Duravit L-Cube 800mm Vanity Unit With C-Bonded Basin will give you superb storage space and take your freshening up moments to a gloriously refreshing level. It comes with 2 spacious drawers and is finished in attractive white matt. The basin comes with ceramic covered slotted waste and space saving siphon. A full 5 year manufacturer warranty accompanies this unit which protects you against any manufacturing defects. This unit is also available in other size options.

  • Available in different sizes and finishes
  • Vanity unit with c-bound washbasin
  • Tap shown in image is not included
  • Also available without tap hole, 1 tap hole or 3 tap hole
  • Size : 480 x 500mm [Depth x Height]
  • Features 2 drawer vanity unit
  • Basin supplied with tap platform
  • Supplied with ceramic covered slotted waste and space saving siphon
  • Refer technical diagram for complete technical dimensions
  • Download installation instructions from technical tab
  • 5 years of warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • Available Options :
  • Unit with different sizes and finishes
  • Basin with no taphole, 1 taphole, 3 taphole.


Details Of 600mm Unit With Basin
American Walnut LC6926O1313 LC6926N1313 LC6926T1313
Apricot Pearl High Gloss LC6926O1010 LC6926N1010 LC6926T1010
Apricot Pearl Satin Matt LC6926O2020 LC6926N2020 LC6926T2020
Basalt Matt LC6926O4343 LC6926N4343 LC6926T4343
Black High Gloss LC6926O4040 LC6926N4040 LC6926T4040
Brushed Dark Oak LC6926O7272 LC6926N7272 LC6926T7272
Brushed Oak LC6926O1212 LC6926N1212 LC6926T1212
Brushed Walnut LC6926O6969 LC6926N6969 LC6926T6969
Cappuccino High Gloss LC6926O8686 LC6926N8686 LC6926T8686
Chestnut Dark LC6926O5353 LC6926N5353 LC6926T5353
Concrete Grey Matt LC6926O0707 LC6926N0707 LC6926T0707
Dolomiti Grey High Gloss LC6926O3838 LC6926N3838 LC6926T3838
European Oak LC6926O5252 LC6926N5252 LC6926T5252
Flannel Grey High Gloss LC6926O8989 LC6926N8989 LC6926T8989
Flannel Grey Satin Matt LC6926O9090 LC6926N9090 LC6926T9090
Graphite Matt LC6926O4949 LC6926N4949 LC6926T4949
Jade High Gloss LC6926O0303 LC6926N0303 LC6926T0303
Light Blue Matt LC6926O0909 LC6926N0909 LC6926T0909
Linen LC6926O7575 LC6926N7575 LC6926T7575
Mediterranean Oak LC6926O7171 LC6926N7171 LC6926T7171
Natural Walnut LC6926O7979 LC6926N7979 LC6926T7979
Oak Cashmere LC6926O1111 LC6926N1111 LC6926T1111
Olive Brown High Gloss LC6926O6161 LC6926N6161 LC6926T6161
Pine Silver LC6926O3131 LC6926N3131 LC6926T3131
Pine Terra LC6926O5151 LC6926N5151 LC6926T5151
Stone Blue High Gloss LC6926O4747 LC6926N4747 LC6926T4747
Taupe LC6926O9191 LC6926N9191 LC6926T9191
Terra LC6926O1414 LC6926N1414 LC6926T1414
Ticino Cherry Tree LC6926O7373 LC6926N7373 LC6926T7373
Walnut Dark LC6926O2121 LC6926N2121 LC6926T2121
White High Gloss LC6926O2222 LC6926N2222 LC6926T2222
White High Gloss - Lacquered LC6926O8585 LC6926N8585 LC6926T8585
White Lilac High Gloss LC6926O2727 LC6926N2727 LC6926T2727
White Lilac Satin Matt LC6926O8787 LC6926N8787 LC6926T8787
White Matt LC6926O1818 LC6926N1818 LC6926T1818
Details Of 800mm Unit With Basin
American Walnut LC6927O1313 LC6927N1313 LC6927T1313
Apricot Pearl High Gloss LC6927O1010 LC6927N1010 LC6927T1010
Apricot Pearl Satin Matt LC6927O2020 LC6927N2020 LC6927T2020
Basalt Matt LC6927O4343 LC6927N4343 LC6927T4343
Black High Gloss LC6927O4040 LC6927N4040 LC6927T4040
Brushed Dark Oak LC6927O7272 LC6927N7272 LC6927T7272
Brushed Oak LC6927O1212 LC6927N1212 LC6927T1212
Brushed Walnut LC6927O6969 LC6927N6969 LC6927T6969
Cappuccino High Gloss LC6927O8686 LC6927N8686 LC6927T8686
Chestnut Dark LC6927O5353 LC6927N5353 LC6927T5353
Concrete Grey Matt LC6927O0707 LC6927N0707 LC6927T0707
Dolomiti Grey High Gloss LC6927O3838 LC6927N3838 LC6927T3838
European Oak LC6927O5252 LC6927N5252 LC6927T5252
Flannel Grey High Gloss LC6927O8989 LC6927N8989 LC6927T8989
Flannel Grey Satin Matt LC6927O9090 LC6927N9090 LC6927T9090
Graphite Matt LC6927O4949 LC6927N4949 LC6927T4949
Jade High Gloss LC6927O0303 LC6927N0303 LC6927T0303
Light Blue Matt LC6927O0909 LC6927N0909 LC6927T0909
Linen LC6927O7575 LC6927N7575 LC6927T7575
Mediterranean Oak LC6927O7171 LC6927N7171 LC6927T7171
Natural Walnut LC6927O7979 LC6927N7979 LC6927T7979
Oak Cashmere LC6927O1111 LC6927N1111 LC6927T1111
Olive Brown High Gloss LC6927O6161 LC6927N6161 LC6927T6161
Pine Silver LC6927O3131 LC6927N3131 LC6927T3131
Pine Terra LC6927O5151 LC6927N5151 LC6927T5151
Stone Blue High Gloss LC6927O4747 LC6927N4747 LC6927T4747
Taupe LC6927O9191 LC6927N9191 LC6927T9191
Terra LC6927O1414 LC6927N1414 LC6927T1414
Ticino Cherry Tree LC6927O7373 LC6927N7373 LC6927T7373
Walnut Dark LC6927O2121 LC6927N2121 LC6927T2121
White High Gloss LC6927O2222 LC6927N2222 LC6927T2222
White High Gloss - Lacquered LC6927O8585 LC6927N8585 LC6927T8585
White Lilac High Gloss LC6927O2727 LC6927N2727 LC6927T2727
White Lilac Satin Matt LC6927O8787 LC6927N8787 LC6927T8787
White Matt LC6927O1818 LC6927N1818 LC6927T1818
Details Of 1000mm Unit With Basin
American Walnut LC6928O1313 LC6928N1313 LC6928T1313
Apricot Pearl High Gloss LC6928O1010 LC6928N1010 LC6928T1010
Apricot Pearl Satin Matt LC6928O2020 LC6928N2020 LC6928T2020
Basalt Matt LC6928O4343 LC6928N4343 LC6928T4343
Black High Gloss LC6928O4040 LC6928N4040 LC6928T4040
Brushed Dark Oak LC6928O7272 LC6928N7272 LC6928T7272
Brushed Oak LC6928O1212 LC6928N1212 LC6928T1212
Brushed Walnut LC6928O6969 LC6928N6969 LC6928T6969
Cappuccino High Gloss LC6928O8686 LC6928N8686 LC6928T8686
Chestnut Dark LC6928O5353 LC6928N5353 LC6928T5353
Concrete Grey Matt LC6928O0707 LC6928N0707 LC6928T0707
Dolomiti Grey High Gloss LC6928O3838 LC6928N3838 LC6928T3838
European Oak LC6928O5252 LC6928N5252 LC6928T5252
Flannel Grey High Gloss LC6928O8989 LC6928N8989 LC6928T8989
Flannel Grey Satin Matt LC6928O9090 LC6928N9090 LC6928T9090
Graphite Matt LC6928O4949 LC6928N4949 LC6928T4949
Jade High Gloss LC6928O0303 LC6928N0303 LC6928T0303
Light Blue Matt LC6928O0909 LC6928N0909 LC6928T0909
Linen LC6928O7575 LC6928N7575 LC6928T7575
Mediterranean Oak LC6928O7171 LC6928N7171 LC6928T7171
Natural Walnut LC6928O7979 LC6928N7979 LC6928T7979
Oak Cashmere LC6928O1111 LC6928N1111 LC6928T1111
Olive Brown High Gloss LC6928O6161 LC6928N6161 LC6928T6161
Pine Silver LC6928O3131 LC6928N3131 LC6928T3131
Pine Terra LC6928O5151 LC6928N5151 LC6928T5151
Stone Blue High Gloss LC6928O4747 LC6928N4747 LC6928T4747
Taupe LC6928O9191 LC6928N9191 LC6928T9191
Terra LC6928O1414 LC6928N1414 LC6928T1414
Ticino Cherry Tree LC6928O7373 LC6928N7373 LC6928T7373
Walnut Dark LC6928O2121 LC6928N2121 LC6928T2121
White High Gloss LC6928O2222 LC6928N2222 LC6928T2222
White High Gloss - Lacquered LC6928O8585 LC6928N8585 LC6928T8585
White Lilac High Gloss LC6928O2727 LC6928N2727 LC6928T2727
White Lilac Satin Matt LC6928O8787 LC6928N8787 LC6928T8787
White Matt LC6928O1818 LC6928N1818 LC6928T1818
Details Of 1200mm Unit With Basin
American Walnut LC6929O1313 LC6929N1313 LC6929T1313
Apricot Pearl High Gloss LC6929O1010 LC6929N1010 LC6929T1010
Apricot Pearl Satin Matt LC6929O2020 LC6929N2020 LC6929T2020
Basalt Matt LC6929O4343 LC6929N4343 LC6929T4343
Black High Gloss LC6929O4040 LC6929N4040 LC6929T4040
Brushed Dark Oak LC6929O7272 LC6929N7272 LC6929T7272
Brushed Oak LC6929O1212 LC6929N1212 LC6929T1212
Brushed Walnut LC6929O6969 LC6929N6969 LC6929T6969
Cappuccino High Gloss LC6929O8686 LC6929N8686 LC6929T8686
Chestnut Dark LC6929O5353 LC6929N5353 LC6929T5353
Concrete Grey Matt LC6929O0707 LC6929N0707 LC6929T0707
Dolomiti Grey High Gloss LC6929O3838 LC6929N3838 LC6929T3838
European Oak LC6929O5252 LC6929N5252 LC6929T5252
Flannel Grey High Gloss LC6929O8989 LC6929N8989 LC6929T8989
Flannel Grey Satin Matt LC6929O9090 LC6929N9090 LC6929T9090
Graphite Matt LC6929O4949 LC6929N4949 LC6929T4949
Jade High Gloss LC6929O0303 LC6929N0303 LC6929T0303
Light Blue Matt LC6929O0909 LC6929N0909 LC6929T0909
Linen LC6929O7575 LC6929N7575 LC6929T7575
Mediterranean Oak LC6929O7171 LC6929N7171 LC6929T7171
Natural Walnut LC6929O7979 LC6929N7979 LC6929T7979
Oak Cashmere LC6929O1111 LC6929N1111 LC6929T1111
Olive Brown High Gloss LC6929O6161 LC6929N6161 LC6929T6161
Pine Silver LC6929O3131 LC6929N3131 LC6929T3131
Pine Terra LC6929O5151 LC6929N5151 LC6929T5151
Stone Blue High Gloss LC6929O4747 LC6929N4747 LC6929T4747
Taupe LC6929O9191 LC6929N9191 LC6929T9191
Terra LC6929O1414 LC6929N1414 LC6929T1414
Ticino Cherry Tree LC6929O7373 LC6929N7373 LC6929T7373
Walnut Dark LC6929O2121 LC6929N2121 LC6929T2121
White High Gloss LC6929O2222 LC6929N2222 LC6929T2222
White High Gloss - Lacquered LC6929O8585 LC6929N8585 LC6929T8585
White Lilac High Gloss LC6929O2727 LC6929N2727 LC6929T2727
White Lilac Satin Matt LC6929O8787 LC6929N8787 LC6929T8787
White Matt LC6929O1818 LC6929N1818 LC6929T1818

Total: £1020.00 14-21 Working Days Approx QS Supplies

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