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Triton Shower Kits

Discerning patrons of luxurious showering are continuously pushing the limits of manufacturing companies, into creating innovative products that refreshingly maximise showering pleasure. For continuously upgrading the product innovation process to meet the growing demands of showering enthusiasts, Triton has now introduced a complete new range of shower sets. This magnificent showering adornment utilises the latest control shower handset, for providing refreshingly ultimate showering pleasure.

Why Select Triton for Shower Kits?

Established in the year 1975 Triton is known for manufacturing high quality electric, power and thermostatic shower. Manufactured to meet consumer’s requirements, the brand manufactures top class accessories for your bathroom. From the shower set to handwash, the brand encompasses everything for a better living and hygiene. Every single product is intricately designed and is graced with spectacular finishes to please you aesthetically. At our on-line store you can find the perfect shower set to suit your bathroom requirements and as everyone’s showering requirement is different, the company offers a full range of showers to suit everyone's requirement.

21 Products

Callum Chrome Riser Rail

Callum Chrome Riser Rail
£43.01 £ 61.80

Aaron Nitro Shower Kit

Aaron Nitro Shower Kit
£30.78 £ 47.68

Connor Shower Riser Rail

£28.62 £ 44.15

Leon Shower Riser Rail

£34.01 £ 52.97

Joshua Riser Rail

£23.83 £ 37.08

Aaron Riser Rail

£26.48 £ 37.08

Adam 2 Circular Shower Riser Rail

£32.48 £ 40.60

Lucas Curved Shower Riser Rail

£27.60 £ 32.52

Pro-Fit Shower Riser Rail

£30.52 £ 38.14

Lucas Lara Shower Kit

£36.42 £ 45.52

Pro-Fit 8000 Series Shower Kit

£37.39 £ 46.74

Leon 8000 Series Shower Kit

£46.13 £ 57.66

21 Products

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