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Lakes Island

There are many ways to create a shower. One can hang a curtain, create a wet room, or install a small splash panel. But the most iconic and functional method of creating a shower involves using a high-quality glass door or glass enclosure.

Glass doors and shower enclosures allow you to see the design of the shower within, so them complement the design of the room. They’re also functional and easier to keep clean than a curtain while helping to contain splashes and spray.

The Island line of hinged shower doors, panels, and enclosures from Lakes Bathrooms offers you all this in a range of options. Choose from framed or frameless doors, hinged panels, and enclosures of several different sizes. All low-iron glass for better visibility, the glass also is treated with AllClear glass coating standard, so the doors will be easy to maintain and keep clean. The doors come with a lifetime guarantee.

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