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Inset & Outset Electric Fires - Thermostatic Control Options

Are you looking for an economical and attractive means to heat your home? If so, an electric fire could very well be the perfect option. We at QS Supplies offer high end electric fireplace at affordable prices and at quick lead times. Bring heat and energy to your home and add a modern touch by adding these fireplaces. We offer a complete range that includes, Inset, Outset and Wall Hung Models.




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What are Electric Fires?

It is simply a heater that simulates the appearance of burning wood or coal. It is often placed where a traditional fireplace would be located and the majority of models will plug into an existing wall socket.

A Brief History

Interestingly enough, the electric fire place was invented as far back as 1912. However, it was not until the post-war era that these units became popular. Many units produced since 1981 now contain electrical elements that effectively mimic the appearance of real flames. There are models which are intended to duplicate the appearance of burning wood, and Dimplex was the first company to produce this option in 1995.

Difference Between Inset & Outset

From a general standpoint, modern fireplaces can be grouped into two different categories. These are: Inset & Outset. As the name suggests, an inset unit is mounted in the wall and can be an excellent option for compact rooms. Of course, an inset model is provided in a number of unique designs.

An outset model will emerge from the wall; ideal for those who are looking to add an artistic flair within a room. As with inlet variants, a number of colours and styles are available to blend with the existing decor. The primary advantage of an outset fireplace is that it tends to be associated with larger dimensions and therefore, a greater supply of heat.

The Advantages of a Thermostatically Controlled Electric Fireplace

The older electric fire was generally associated with a manual activation switch. However, modern versions are equipped with a built-in thermostat. The intention of this thermostat is quite similar to one that is installed within a home. It can activate the fireplace when temperatures fall below a certain point and the unit will be deactivated after the desired warmth has been achieved. Not only is a thermostatically controlled a convenient alternative, but it also allows consumer to save a great deal of money when compared to allowing a fireplace to run when it is not being monitored. The environmental benefits are also substantial, as less electricity will be required. It is also important to mention that homes equipped with a thermostatically controlled fireplace tend to enjoy a higher resale value when placed on the real estate market.

What Are Electric Stoves and What Are Their Benefits?

An electric stove is simply a stove which employs the use of electricity to provide heat as opposed to propane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Integrated devices such as top-mounted heating coils will be able to mimic the same effects as a wood- or gas-fired stove and yet, the source of heat is much "cleaner". Another major benefit of the modern electric stove is that temperatures can be accurately controlled to within a few degrees. This could prove challenging with traditional options. Furthermore, these stoves eliminate the chances of gas leaks and they do not require a lighter to activate a flame. This is obviously beneficial from a safety point of view.

What is a Wall-Mounted Electric Fire Place?

It is sometimes referred to as a hanging fireplace. Essentially, these models are space-saving alternatives when the previous versions are not feasible. These models can be placed at nearly any height, so they will provide a bold visual statement. They are particularly popular within modern homes and once again, many are equipped with built-in thermostats. Another interesting windfall associated with a wall-mounted unit is that unlike more traditional variants, customers can choose from a number of unique dimensions and there are even times when made-to-order units can be purchased.

What are the Advantages & Drawbacks of "Hole-in-the-Wall" Electric Fires?

It is actually wise to point out that a hole-in-the-wall fireplace and a wall-mounted unit can often be confused, as their configurations tend to be similar. The one major difference cited by most manufacturers is that a hole-in-the-wall unit is generally a bit smaller than its hanging counterpart. Depending upon the firm, they are sometimes called "wall-recessed fires". These units are available in a kaleidoscope of colour schemes, designs and materials. Thus, they are able to blend into the decor of nearly any environment imaginable. The only main drawback is the fact that a hole-in-the-wall design might not be able to supply as much heat as larger units. On a final note, there are certain UK jurisdictions which legally require a hearth to be installed alongside a hole-in-the-wall fireplace.

Our Brands

We firmly believe that the term "second best" should have no place within this cutting-edge industry. This is the primary reason why we choose to work with only the most respected brands on the market. A handful of manufacturers which we supply include:

  • Be Modern
  • Celsi
  • Dimplex
  • Valor

Most of the outset options at our online-store comes with opti flame effect and are supplied with pebbles and real coal. We also supply Inset fireplace, which are thermostatically controlled and will enhance your home like crown jewels. We offer these in various finishes such as Brass, Silver, Gold, Black and Stainless Steel. Electric Fire stoves available at our online store feature optiglo and optiflame effect and are supplied with log effect and real coal. Click on each product to know more about is features and specification. Please do not hesitate to take the time to contact one of our trained representatives. We will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have as well as to explain your options.

Noisy when operating in all modes. Could not get replacement parts. After sales service from Valor useless.
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The best part about this gas fire inset is that one can control it from anywhere using a remote control.
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