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Aqualux Slot & Lock | Florenta Steam Cabins

Since ancient times, the benefits of steam to human health have been used for relaxing and healing purposes, and nowadays, thanks to modern technology, it's easier than ever before to reap the benefits of steam. If you're thinking of installing a steam shower in your home, then consider the following models from Aqualux, and enjoy the double benefit of health as well as improved home decor. You can bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom, thanks to the latest range of steam cabins from Aqualux. The Florenta features a seat, four massage jets and a built in radio and speaker, designed to wash away the stresses and unwind. The durable, 5mm safety glass steam cabin comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Slot and Lock Shower Cabins

It goes without saying that in modern times our lives are more hectic than ever before, and stress manages to creep in daily, leaving us exhausted both mentally and physically. It is little wonder that in-home spas, saunas and steam showers are growing in popularity, thanks to their many health benefits, most notably for their soothing and calming benefits. The warm and calm environment of a steam shower is soothing to both mind and body, helping you de-stress and head to bed for a comforting deep sleep. Steam opens the pores, acts as a natural cleanser and leaves the skin feeling clear, smooth and soft. The rapid supply of oxygen to the tissues and cells has a detoxifying effect, leaving your body with fewer toxins and an improved metabolism, which in turn helps burn calories. Not only that, a steam shower will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom design and is the smart choice for homeowners looking to use steam therapy to advantage. One of the best steam showers available in the UK market is Slot and Lock from Aqualux, which is reasonably priced. The enclosure features chrome plated handles, a multi-function chrome showerhead, a riser rail, and a stylish, integral soap dish. This 5mm cabin made from safety glass comes in black, white, or green and can be installed in minutes with screw-less fixings. Clear glass with silver-polished frame makes an elegant and attractive combination.

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3 Products

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