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Carron Delta / Imperial & X-Factor

The variety of baths available in our collections feature innovative shapes and come in a selection of sizes. Here, we have displayed a comprehensive range of Delta and Imperial baths from Carron, and these baths are suitable for any bathroom. The simple, clean lines of these baths go well with any minimalistic design space. Coming from the reputed company Carron, you can be assured of the quality of every bath. The combination of simplicity and minimalism offered in the Carron Delta collection creates a subtle and straightforward bathroom environment, regardless of whether your bathroom is old-world or modern looking. The imperial bath range is traditionally inspired but with the latest benefits. The classic white acrylic finish of the Imperial range with chrome handles and drain holes makes for a timeless addition to your bathing space. All Carron baths have a custom-made bath screen that can be opted for a completely coordinated look.

Apart from being truly beautifully designed, the X-Factor baths have been specially developed with ease of access in mind. They are most suitable for anyone with special requirements like children, the elderly, or those with impaired mobility. X-Factor baths also feature an anti-slip option for extra safety. They are designed for making optimum use of water, thereby saving precious resources. X-Factor includes Axis, Matrix, Apex, and Index Series of baths. As the name suggests, these baths are unique, and there will be an option to suit just about any style of bathroom. Made from hardwearing and versatile Acrylic, these baths retain heat for longer and also easily withstand daily wear and tear, prolonging the life of your bath. You can also check our complete range of Acrylic baths, which we offer at bargain price.

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