Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Lights and Mirrors can do more to add visual splendour and luxury to the bathroom than any other element and, therefore, are an essential aspect of any bathroom design theme. Illuminated Mirrors typically incorporate LED Lights to combine a functional bathroom mirror with strategic LED lighting to create a lovely ambience. This two-in-one feature can be used in any modern bathroom for adding style and works well with other modern aspects of the bathroom, such as ceramics and furniture. The sleek, glamorous illuminated mirrors are much preferred in high-end luxury condos, spas, hotels and homes, thanks to the simple installation. It is also a cost-effective solution when compared to the cost of separate lights and mirrors. Our impressive collection of Illuminated mirrors comes in various shapes, sizes and colours along with other exciting features such as demister pads, dimmers and sensors, making them a must-buy.




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