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Kitchen Taps - Chrome & Gold Finish Sold in [Pair]

Available in various finishes, shapes and sizes, we stock kitchen taps made from the best quality materials, offering the latest technologies. There are dozens of top-class manufacturers in UK who manufacture high-quality taps for modern & traditional kitchens. With over hundreds of options, you can now select the right tap, to meet every budget and your kitchen theme requirement.



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They can give a whole new stylish look for minimal expenditure, as they are an essential part a functional kitchen. But, how can a tap be more functional? Well some can be stretched away from the fitting; some even include a water filter!

Do you require Mixer Taps?

This is the first decision you need to make. If you already have a sink with cut-outs for taps then this will limit your choice. Modern kitchen sinks are independent, with the taps normally mounted in the worktop rather than the sink. Separate hot and cold taps are available in chrome or gold effects, square or round cross-section and every high or low style you can imagine, including lever-taps as well as traditional capstan heads. Kitchen Mixers are the modern alternative and are most people’s preferred choice. They come in high low and intermediate heights, different finishes and are available as either single or double lever.

Lever-Action or Capstan Head Taps

Lever-action taps are very convenient for a kitchen, meaning you can go from 0-100% flow just by moving the lever through 90 degrees. Higher, swan’s neck taps are more convenient than lower counter-level mixer as you need to run water into large containers; they do cost a bit more, but the extra expense is worthwhile.

Pull Out Versions

Few mixer taps have a pull-out head, so you can direct the water flow wherever you wish. These are useful if you want to direct the water over a draining board, or into a bucket.

Filter Taps

Some high-end taps come with a built-in filter function. This removes the need for separate filters for every appliance or for an expensive water softening and filtration system. If you live in a hard water area where drinking water does not quench your thirst because of all the dissolved salts then a filter tap is one solution to consider. It will remove hardness, chlorine and solids from your water, so you can taste water as it is meant to taste.

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