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Aqualisa Showers now available at QS Supplies.  High demand from Customers around UK and Europe have finally forced us to showcase Showers from Aqualisa at our web-store. Aqualisa Showers are not only popular but is also adored by Home owners because of its flexible design and the ultra-smart controls. Though showers from Aqualisa are expensive, but it is worth installing them.

Aqualisa Quartz Showers - Axis - Midas and Aquavalve now available

Aqualisa Showers are rich in design and functionality. We have listed a complete range of of Aqualisa showers, which includes Digital, Electrical and Power showers. Aqualisa manufactures shower that combines design excellence with style. Aqualisa Showers are highly functional, and users have left a positive review for these showering machines. Whether you are looking for a cutting edge, contemporary or modern classic look, Aqualisa Showers have it all.

Aqualisa Axis

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Visage Digital

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Aqualisa Midas

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Aquastream Thermo

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Aquamixa Thermo

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This luxurious and modern shower set by Aqualisa's Clot range will bring your showers to life with its high tech design. This chrome finish shower set includes exposed thermostatic shower valve and 90mm adjustable height shower kit. The shower head comes with 4 invigorating spray patterns out of which one is eco spray that will save the water bill.

  • Aqualisa Colt Thermostatic Shower Valve
  • Colt shower valve complete with Harmony shower kit
  • Guarantee 2 years from Aqualisa
  • Water saving ‘eco’ spray setting
  • 90mm adjustable height shower head kit.

QS Code : QS-V56976

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 4 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 278.00



Combination of chrome and white is an excellent way to add beauty in modern style bathroom, and the new Varispray fixed shower head from Aqualisa is something similar to it. This elegantly designed shower head could blend well with any shower valves and would complement other element surrounded by it.

  • Aqualisa Varispray Fixed Shower Head
  • Three mode spray - Full, Focus or Relaxer
  • White and chrome finish shower head
  • 3 years of guarantee from Aqualisa
  • Concealed fixed shower head.

QS Code : QS-V56992

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 4 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 102.00



A fashionable, chrome finish Thermostatic Exposed Shower Valve by Aqualisa. This thermostatic valve is suitable virtually for all types of domestic plumbing systems. This modern thermostatic shower valve is robust and graceful. And it has the additional safety benefit of a built in anti scald device that makes this valve automatic shutdown, if there is any water failure.

  • Aquavalve 700 Thermostatic Exposed Shower Valve Only
  • Adjustable Varispray or Turbostream Shower Heads [Optional]
  • Easy to Install
  • Suitable for almost all types of Domestic Plumbing System
  • Thermostatic Control.

QS Code : QS-V34430

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 2 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 572.00



Aqualisa manual cartridge for use with Aqualisa shower. Strong and durable and is worth value for money.

  • Aqualisa Manual Cartridge
  • Blue color manual cartridge
  • Complete with gasket.

QS Code : QS-V56996

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 4 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 50.00



Now enjoy your bathing with technology that can flatter you and adorn your bathroom simultaneously. It is a Quartz Standard Digital Bath Overflow Filler from Aqualisa, which is compatible with all domestic plumbing systems. It is a friendly design that can be placed anywhere to your comfort, either at an accessible height or out of the reach of children.

  • Aqualisa Quartz Standard Digital Overflow Bath Filler System
  • It has a flashing and steady LED shows, when it’s time to pop in the Plug
  • Compatible with All Plumbing Systems
  • For Use with combination boiler and mains fed water systems
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

QS Code : QS-V34488

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 3 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 440.00



This is a practical as well as luxurious Aqualisa Axis body jets. Enhance your showering experience with this body jets. These jets can be used separately, or at the same time, as the shower with the use of a diverter. These body jets are especially designed to complement Axis styling, but they can also be used with any Aqualisa Shower with diverter.

  • Axis Body Jet
  • Chrome Finish
  • Turn On Body Jets at the Same Time as Your Shower or Separately (Diverter Required)
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

Aqualisa Axis Body Jet - AX0320

QS Code : QS-V34477

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 2 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 62.00



The Aqualisa Aquatique Shower Kit includes traditional looking adjustable height shower head that offers you a unique showering experience. Its Chrome Plated Finished will add fashion statement to your bathroom. This shower kit is easy to install and designed well to match with the full range of Aquatique mixing shower Valves.

  • Aquatique Adjustable Height Concealed Shower Kit
  • Chrome Finish
  • Traditional Style Shower Head
  • For Use with Concealed Shower Valve.

Aquatique Adjustable Height Concealed Shower Kit Chrome - 560.01

QS Code : QS-V34448

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 3 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 276.00



This is the same product as our products code no QS-V34437. The only difference between the two is its finish. This is gold finish shower valve, and for chrome finish,take a look of the product code no QS-V34437. The features of this shower valve as follows:

  • Aquatique Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valve Only
  • Ceramic Enclosed Temperature Control Lever
  • Integrated pre-set maximum temperature
  • Automatic shut down
  • Thermostatically Control Shower Valve.

Aqualisa Aquatique Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valve Gold 500.00.04

QS Code : QS-V34437

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 2 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 808.00



Change your old shower holder with this new Sliding Handset Holder from Aqualisa. This Sliding Handset Holder is one more excellence bathroom accessory brought to you by Aqualisa. Finished in white and chrome, this handset holder is available at amazingly low price with QS Supplies.

  • Aqualisa Sliding Handset Holder
  • White/Chrome sliding handset holder
  • Manufactured using solid material
  • Easy to install.

Aqualisa Sliding Handset Holder White - Chrome - 025404

QS Code : QS-V60800

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 4 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 25.00



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Get a terrific showering experience in your bathroom, by installing this concealed thermostatic shower valve from Aqualisa. This is one of the most popular Thermostatic shower valves from Aqualisa. It offers you superb performance and practicality. It features a pre-set maximum temperature and automatic shut off if hot or cold water supply fails. This valve is safe, durable and reliable and is affordable in price. This stylish Thermostatic shower valve is in White and chrome finish, and it makes a lovely addition to the bathroom, and thanks to its powerful showering experience.

  • Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve
  • Minimum 0.1 Bar Water Pressure is Required
  • Suitable for Use up to 10.0 Bar Water Pressure
  • 3 Years Manufacturers Guarantee
  • White & Chrome Finish.

Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve - C609.21T

QS Code : QS-V34423

Shipping : £ 4.95

Stock Availability : 2 Working Days Apprx

Aqualisa Showers

RRP £ 419.00