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Aqualisa Showers


Starting from its inception in 1977, Aqualisa was a pioneering brand that invented the revolutionary thermostatic valve. This bi-metallic valve was designed keeping in mind the nuances of the British bathroom and dramatically altered bathing experience after its entry into the market. In 2003, they made another breakthrough by designing and patenting the first digital shower – Quartz Digital. Later adopted by other makers, digital showers proved a hit with installers and consumers, for its ease of installation and compatibility with prevailing plumbing systems. These showers were also known for their intuitive functionality and eco-friendly features.

Today, Aqualisa stands for innovative and pioneering technology, with an eye on sleek designs that keep evolving to include latest technology. The brand has consistently brought forth products that are up to date with modern and new features that have captured the hearts of customers for the past forty years. The brand has won several accolades, including the prestigious ‘Readers Award’ and the ‘Red Dot’ award for its research and development. The award-winning company also has a separate training academy for installers, to ensure correct usage of their products.

Visage Digital

Visage Digital

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Why Select Showers from Aqualisa?

From their initial success in 1977 achieved through the invention of the ground breaking bi-metallic shower valve onwards, Aqualisa has continued to be a market leader in the production of digital showers and shower products. These appealing and practical products are well known for their premium performance and green credentials. The company has been in operation for nearly four decades, continuing to excite and amaze consumers, trade professionals and suppliers alike with their intriguing contemporary designs packed with novel features which result in superb performance. Products from this brand are adored by home owners because of their flexible design and their ultra-smart controls. Though showers from this brand may seem to be expensive, but they are well worth installing as they function very well and have fabulous designs. We have listed the complete range of products including digital, electrical and power showers, all combine design excellence with style; they are highly functional and feature innovative controls. Whether you are looking for a cutting edge contemporary or modern classic then look no further than an Aqualisa


Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White And Chrome

Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Shower White And Chrome Brand Review Star
£400.68 ££636.00 QS-V34433

Part of Aqualisas Aquastream series this Thermostatic Power Shower is a magnificent product. The brassware gets its stunning looks from the white and chrome finish and is sure to complement your decor. This product has great utility features that give you a grand bathing experience. It comes with a three-function Varispray handset for greater comfort. Its built-in pump that ensures a powerful water flow is extremely easy to install. A three-year guarantee period offered by the manufacturers makes it the perfect product.

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Aqualisa Aquarian Exposed Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve White
£244.94RRP: £388.80QS-V34428

Aquarian Exposed Bar Shower Valve is one of the versatile creations of Aqualisa. This contemporarily designed shower valve will give safe and powerful showering experience, thanks to its inclusive thermostatic control. It is surface mounted for ease in the weary installation process. The stylish, chic design of this brassware is splendidly accentuated with a pristine white finish. This user-friendly valve is covered with a 3-year manufacturers guarantee. You can now buy it at an economical price from QS Supplies.

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Aqualisa Aquarian Exposed Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve White
Aqualisa Vitalise SLX Electric Shower White And Chrome 10.5KW

Aqualisa Vitalise SLX Electric Shower White And Chrome 10.5KW
£166.32 ££264.00 QS-V16295

Vitalise SLX Electric Shower painstakingly created by the leading company Aqualisa, is a combination of innovation, cutting edge design and a high degree of functionally. With an attractive combination of white and chrome finish, it looks great and adds fascination to the shower area. It comes with height adjustable, shower head that features three spray patterns and easy clean nozzles. This creation is made using advanced electric showering technology that ensures safe and comfortable shower. Get it today and enjoy gleeful time in the aqua area.

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Aqualisa Turbostream Fixed Shower Head Kit Chrome
£103.57RRP: £164.40QS-V34458

This innovative and stylish Turbostream Fixed Head Kit is brought to you by the renowned manufacturer of bathroom products Aqualisa. The amazing fixture, in excellent chrome, will enhance any bathroom decor. The shower head features three power function spray patterns-the cascade, champagne and massage that lead exciting and cheerful showering sessions. By rotating the outer ring, you can change the spray pattern as desired. It is suitable for high pressure water systems and is easy-to-install as well as use.

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Aqualisa Turbostream Fixed Shower Head Kit Chrome - 99.30.01
Aqualisa Aquamixa Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Tap - 300.01

Aqualisa Aquamixa Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Tap Brand Review Star
£367.42 ££583.20 QS-V34466

This is the stunning and beautifully crafted Aquamixa Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer from Aqualisa. It is a blend of high performance shower and stylish bath filler and eliminates the need to install separate bath taps. Besides featuring magnificent design, this elegant brassware boasts the thermostatic advantage and safety in use. It has pre-set maximum temperature and is ideal for use with most of the domestic plumbing systems. The manufacturer covers it with a 3-year guarantee.

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Aqualisa Quartz Exposed Digital Divert Shower And Bath Filler - HP Combi
£621.82RRP: £987.00QS-V12255

With the efficient mechanism native to Quartz Digital Diverter, you can alternate effortlessly between the Shower and Bath Filler. Its utility quotient is high owing to its compatibility with High Pressure water systems and its perfect assimilation into households that have combination boilers. Its thermostatic control guarantees a safe bath and shower-which maintains and monitors the temperature keeping it even throughout the bathing duration. A LED display is integrated into the system to help monitor the temperature changes visually.

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Aqualisa Quartz Exposed Digital Divert Shower And Bath Filler - HP Combi
Aqualisa Quartz 8.5kw Electric Shower White And Chrome - QZE8521

Aqualisa Quartz 8.5kw Electric Shower White And Chrome
£146.66 ££232.80 QS-V34414

The Quartz Electric 8.5KW Shower is a perfect creation of Aqualisa to heat water effortlessly without using a water heater. This creation in white and chrome finish combines nicely with the heating element and shower into one design. It includes a 3-spray pattern shower head with adjustable height to make your showering sessions delightful. The bathroom adornment is simple to use with on/off temperature controls and is easy-to-install. In addition it is durable and comes with 2-years of guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Aquatique Fixed Height Exposed Shower Drencher Head Gold Brand Review Star
£229.82RRP: £364.80QS-V34446

The shower accessories manufactured by Aqualisa are undeniable, of superlative quality. The Aquatique Shower Drencher Head is another feather in its cap. The solid brassware is thoughtfully designed to complement the Aquatique range of valves. The exposed design encased in a shimmering gold finish obviously depicts the classy taste of the user. Its classic 5-inches width of this shower wonder will please you with a soothing drizzle all over the body. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of three years for this classy product.

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Aquatique Fixed Height Exposed Shower Drencher Head Gold - 551.04
Aqualisa Aquatique Adjustable Height Concealed Shower Kit Gold 560.04

Aqualisa Aquatique Adjustable Height Concealed Shower Kit Gold 560.04
£253.26 ££402.00 QS-V34449

Timeless styling combined with modern silhouettes produces this elegant Aquatique Adjustable Height Concealed Shower Kit from Aqualisa. This shower kit is available in gold finish that imparts a dash of old-world charm in your shower space. It is functional, stylish and creative making your shower sessions the highlight of your day. Install and enjoy comfortable showering experience with this concealed shower kit that can be used with concealed valves. It is covered with a 3-year manufacturers guarantee.

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Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve
£269.14RRP: £427.20QS-V34424

Your showering experience can be made more joyful with the new Aqualisa Aquavalve Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve. To make your showering extremely pleasant and safe, the heating automatically stops when the temperature exceeds the pre-set limit. The glossy white finish blends perfectly with any bathroom decor. Easy to operate, this solid, reliable thermostatic valve is suitable for virtually all types of domestic systems. The company offers a 3-year guarantee on this sturdy and robust product.

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Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve - C609.20T

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Aqualisa Quarts Digital Shower Review

QS Supplies Review on Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower

Aqualisa Digital Showers offer an incredible blend of versatility, functionality, and style, making them a great addition to your home if you are looking for a small upgrade with a big impact. You can turn on your shower without even stepping it, setting it to the perfect temperature for you and your family. It’s safe and functional too. The Quartz Digital showers are extremely affordable, with some of the lowest prices available in the market. They look sleek and gorgeous and work with both modern and traditional decor.

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Aqualisa Digital

A Digitised Shower Every Morning

A digital remote control shower allows you to set the temperature of your shower without even setting foot inside of it. These are, therefore, safe and take away the risk of accidental burns. The best part is that while this sounds incredibly luxurious, it’s very affordable! Aqualisa creates these hi-end products with the aim to give their clients an unbeatable shower experience. These showers also offer amazing water pressure, unparalleled beauty, and many smart safety features to keep you happy and secure.

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