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Aqua Edition Showers & Accessories

Showering is a quick way to refresh any time of the day and can be lengthy or short as needed. A luxury shower can be a steam shower, sprinkling rainfall from a head shower, or powerful jets from a shower column. Your idea of a great shower may stay forever hot so you can soak in the relaxing spray. No matter what your requirement from a shower, Aqua Edition has showers for meeting different needs.

The brand offers both fixed and hand-held versions with a variety of functions. Many come with new-age functionalities which help reduce water consumption, and some even feature built-in LED Lights. The showers and accessories from Aqua Edition are offered under different ranges, including Sash, Flo, Fusion, Dream, Pure, Emee, Dharma, and more.

The superior quality products include low and high-pressure heads, Thermostatic Showers, Shower Riser Rail Kits, Shower Heads, all-in-one shower panels & jets, shower valves, custom showers, and even stylish Sleek shower columns, all of which come with style and personality. The showers have the unmatched capabilities to offer everything from holistic therapies to powerful pick-me-ups in the morning for a refreshed day ahead. The all-in-one showers come with natural rain sprays, thermostatic valves, and four metallic finishes to match your luxury bathroom decor.

The Aqua Edition customized showers satiate your needs when the ready-made showers fail to satisfy you and give you a choice to create your preferred unit with the design and functionalities of your choice.

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