Shower Arms

Showerheads may be the component most people think about when it comes to the function of the shower, but showerheads can’t do their jobs without a shower arm attached as well. The shower arm is what connects your shower head to the plumbing. It’s a visible plumbing extension that comes from your wall or your ceiling and helps give your showerhead the necessary reach to do its job. They may be straight, curved, or positionable, and they come with a range of escutcheons and styles to match your bathroom design. They also come in a range of finishes so you can match your showerhead’s finish as well. We understand that it’s these little pieces that help complete bathroom design. That’s why we carry more than 100 different products under this category from companies such as Crosswater, Grohe, and Hudson Reed. So whether you need a straight, ceiling, an elegantly curved wall mounted or an adjustable arm that will allow you to position the showerhead better or something in a cubist-style contemporary mounting, you’ll easily find the perfect complement to complete your ideal shower.




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