Shower Pumps

There's nothing worse than poor water pressure when you're trying to shower or bathe. Poor water pressure can make even the most expensive showerheads feel like they're barely drizzling water. That's why a shower pump can be such a big assistance. Shower pumps are designed to help boost water pressure in homes that don't get adequate pressure on their own. And just as there are different types of plumbing systems in the home that could be resulting in poor pressure, there are also different types of pumps that can help. If your plumbing system involves a gravity-fed roof tank, then a single impeller pump may be all you need to boost the water to your bathroom. If you have a larger home with two or more bathrooms, however, then a twin impeller may be necessary to get the water moving. Having adequate pressure is often necessary for the way that today's modern bathrooms are designed. That's why we carry top quality pumps from companies like Mira Showers, Stuart Turner, and Salamander that can help. Stop settling for poor pressure in the shower, and invest in a high-quality shower pump today to start boosting your pressure.




When do you need one?

Most showers already include a shower pump and you cannot fit a second pump to further boost the water pressure. You can use a shower-pump with a gravity fed electric shower with a cold water only supply, and also if you have a mixer shower, as long as the hot and cold water supplies are both (directly or indirectly) from the attic header tank. Bathroom taps are normally gravity-fed, so installing a shower pump is usually feasible; a plumber can advise if you are unsure.

What are Positive and Negative Head?

Most people need a positive head shower pump, as it is designed to boost a weak supply; to improve a dribble to a usable water flow. If your header tank is above your shower outlet then a positive head pump is required.

Negative head pumps are only necessary if there is no water flow, when the shower is turned on. This usually happens when the shower is installed at a greater height than the feed tank, for example if you have installed a shower in a roof conversion and header tank is in its original position. If your header tank is below your outlet then you need a negative head shower pump.

What are the Advantages?

Shower pumps will give you an increased flow of water, but can never be used if your cold or hot water is mains-fed. They can turn a trickling flow of water into a powerful flow, if your plumbing is suitable. There are two main disadvantages to installing one.

  • Increase water usage
  • Emit some noise

Water use is going to become a major factor for everyone in the near future when compulsory water meters become a reality. More water of course means higher bills for heating as well as the increased water charges.The noise of this product may be a deciding factor against buying one, especially if the house has multiple occupants who take frequent showers. The vibration can be reduced by installing the pump on a solid wall rather than a studded plasterboard wall.

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