Bathroom Mirrors | Unique Designer and Decorative Wall Mirrors for Bathroom

To achieve the bathroom of your dreams, one of the important things that need to be considered is Bathroom Mirrors. By installing state-of-the-art Bathroom Mirrors you can transform your bathroom in to the most technologically advanced room in your home. Whether you are looking to opt for traditional or contemporary style, our collection of Mirrors will fit seamlessly into any bathroom.

LED Mirrors


Prices from £ 7.49

Infinity Mirrors


Prices from £ 165.76

Backlit Mirrors


Prices from £ 81.76

Shaving Mirrors


Prices from £ 141.00

Demister Mirrors


Prices from £ 27.54

Illuminated Mirrors


Prices from £ 44.78



Prices from £ 7.49

Magnifying Mirrors


Prices from £ 10.84

Designer LED | Demister and Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors are essential part of our life as it comes in use in our day to day life. With Modern design and Technology, there has been a lots modernization in this Industry. In the past, we have to live with the same old fashion, large bathroom mirrors with rectangular, square or a round shape and wooden or plastic frame around it. But now the scenario has change, nowadays they are available with new advanced design and technology such as clear fog-less Bathroom mirrors and Bathroom mirrors with shaver sockets.

With hands on experience of 21 years, we are one the largest suppliers of mirrors in United Kingdom. And as we know the requirements of UK Homeowners, We have displayed the top 100 designer Bathroom mirrors such as Backlit, contemporary mirrors, magnifying and LED Bathroom Mirrors. The selection of the perfect type of mirror primarily depends on the size of your wall, so please check and make sure before you buy. Mirrors at QS are inexpensive and you can save £££ when you purchase a mirror for your bathroom.