Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets and Medicine Cupboards

Bathroom Cabinets are an eye-candy, especially when they have a mirror on top of it. A cabinet with a mirror, can make a bathroom highly functional space, as one can dress up, shave or apply make-up. For the perfect cabinets for your bathroom, stop by QS Supplies. It is where one can find the largest range of cabinets, which includes mirrored, wall hung, corner and medicine cabinets for bathrooms. A symphony of ideas and trained sales representative at QS Supplies can help select the right cabinet for your bathroom.

White Cabinets

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Mirrored Cabinets

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Corner Cabinets

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Stainless Steel

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Wood Cabinets

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Designer Storage System | Contemporary Style Bathroom Cabinets and Cupboards

Are you looking for a multipurpose utility storage system that helps in storing small items?
Well, the solution is simple. Get a Mirrored or a Medicine Bathroom Cabinet.

Varied are the advantages of bathroom cabinets, and they serve as an ideal solution when it is about storing small day to day utility items like soaps, toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss, shaving creams, lotions. More than that, they are handy in housing medical products or medicines like painkillers, bandages, ointments, sleeping pills, antiseptic liquids etc. Cabinets for Bathrooms are certainly crucial in keeping bathroom neat and tidy, by serving as storage accessories, hiding the items, averting your bathroom from unsightly and messy looking things. Not just that; they are safe and comfortable in usage.

There are different types of bathroom cabinets available in the market. Among the choices, one of the most popular one is Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet.
These types of cabinets are easy to install and are fixed above the basin, not only they serve the purpose of storing, but also comes with an integral mirror. Apparently, one may not have to opt for a separate mirror and manage additional space for it. Apart from Mirrored, there are different types of bathroom cabinets available in the market, which includes stainless steel, wood, plastic and many more. Further, the wisest things to do before redesigning your bathroom is filtering your choice; try and know the material of, which the cabinet has been made of, more specifically, try and analyse the actual element like which material will blend with your bathroom decor; plastic, or wood or stainless steel.

Bathroom Cabinets differ in size, finish and shape. If one has a compact bathroom, a corner cabinet for a bathroom can be a perfect choice, or a tall boy unit can serve better. Tall Boy Cabinets are sleek and quite tall. Tall Boy units also come with mirrored doors and are also available for corner installations. They can also be a perfect representation of picturesque accessories, whilst complementing your bathroom with style and elegance.

Before buying a cabinet one must make sure about the shelves. Most of the on-line bathroom stores just show the picture of a bathroom cabinet and mention their sizes, but they do not mention about their shelves. Before purchasing a cabinet, make sure the number of shelves present in it. A standard cabinet is divided into four or three shelves. One shelf is comfortably tall enough to store shampoos and shower gels and other two shelves for storing bathroom accessories such as toothbrushes, soaps, and etc. Also, large cabinets or tall boy units may have more shelves compared to standard cabinets.

For enhancing the look and making bathroom more attractive place, one must select a bathroom cabinet that blends with your bathroom tiles and walls. Apparently, selecting a mirrored cabinet has an added advantage as it makes a bathroom look bigger.