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Imex Ivo

Simplicity and flexibility are two terms that have become inextricably linked to the modern bathroom. Not only do these qualities provide a superior sensation of space, but they are aesthetically pleasing to the end-user. The Imex Ivo series of bathroom fixtures fully embrace these notions; allowing the homeowner to accentuate this room without being concerned about overstating his or her design requirements. Some of the options contained within this unique line include toilets, washbowls, basins, and bidets. There are even designs that can accommodate unique requirements such as wall-mounted taps.

Imex has gone to great lengths to imbue their Ivo collection with a sense of personality due in no small part to the sheer variety of style and design options. Traditional tones can be complemented with more modern patterns such as wood grain; ideal for those who are looking to break up the sense of visual space within their bathroom.

Many of these units likewise offer diminutive qualities in the event that smaller dimensions need to be addressed. Whether you have been looking for a timeless classic or you instead prefer to push the boundaries with a bit of modern innovation, there is no doubt that this series will not disappoint.

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