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Clearwater Baths

Generating enthusiasm in bathing, ClearGreen presents a sensational series of Baths. Every Bath in ClearGreen, be it a Freestanding, Single-Ended, Double Ended or Shower Bath, their collection is a unique combination of style and comfort. Exhibiting most formidable bathing solutions, these Baths would redefine style in any bathroom interior. The spectacular series of baths are made from top quality Lucite Acrylic, and are meant to serve you longer than your expectation. The complete range of ClearGreen Baths enables you to enjoy auspicious bathing moments with your loved ones. Available in different shapes and sizes, these baths can be adorned in large as well as compact bathrooms. Including Freefortis, Freestark, and Freefuerte, the complete collection can describe its own beauty. The white finish allows you to blend these baths with any home decor. ClearGreen backs the entire range of Baths with a 10 year guarantee.

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