Shower Handsets

Consumers need to select a shower handset that should suit their requirements. However, there are countless variants available. Some provide the gentle feel of cascading rain, while others with pulses of water relax the muscles. Many are adjustable while they are in use. The design of these fixtures should always match the existing decor of the shower enclosure. Also, a handheld shower gives more flexibility if you have kids or pets, and these are better for users with limited mobility. With metal handsets more hygienic than plastic ones, these are the best bet, and luckily, there is a wide variety to choose from. Look at some of the options for inspiration, and decide on stainless steel, bronze, gold, platinum, nickel, or white and gold- whatever you think will suit your washroom. Below we have listed a massive collection. We offer different spray mode handsets, with the most modern features. Our range also includes spray options such as waterfall, mist functions, massage jets, lights, rain, and handsets with extra power. Is your existing one broken or damaged? Then you can select the closest replacement from our wide range below.




Useful Info

With scientists telling us that old handsets for showers can potentially be loaded with harmful bacteria, including M. avium, and another nasty bacteria which can lead to Legionnaires ‘ disease, it's imperative that we keep our shower heads clean. In addition, that we replace the old ones in our bathrooms, particularly if they are cracked or broken, or if you have had them a long time.

Which One to Select?

A standard handset will be your cheapest option, but if you have a little more cash to splash, you could have some nifty extra features in your bathroom. All new handsets are now adapted to be efficient in their use of water, but if you really care about sustainability and being green, specialist eco-friendly handset with lower power and water consumption are now available. If you are refitting a bathroom, or you might want to upgrade your bath mixer tap at the same time, so you will need a combination hand shower.

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