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Shower Diverters

Diverters are important elements in any shower or tub. These valves allow you to divert the flow of water to a desired fixture in the bathroom, like a shower head or spray. Our beautiful range of diverters will leave you feeling impressed, but safe in the knowledge that we have the products you need. Diverters maybe 2-way or 3-way and come in variety of rust-free finishes. At QS Supplies, we are able to offer you an extensive range that covers just about every taste and every budget too.




What Are Diverters?

Diverters are types of valves that divert or route water flow to a particular outlet. Diverters are commonly used in set-ups with combination bath/shower units and direct flow of water to the bathtub spout or the showerhead when required. There are two main types of diverters: diverter valves and plate diverters. These diverters can be installed either as a three-handle shower valve assembly, or separately above the valves controlling water flow. Diverters can be deck mounted or mounted to the wall.

Types of Diverters:

3-Valve Diverter Such a diverter is located in the middle of the two spouts in a 2-tap set-up. One spout controls the hot water flow while the other the cold and both are used to mix the water to the desired temperature. When you give the diverter a clockwise 180º turn, the mixed water is routed to the shower head. Turning the diverter counter-clockwise will return the water flow to the tub.

Two-Valve Diverter:In this type, water flows through the tub spout to get the desired water temperature. The diverter, with 2 valves will direct the water upward to the shower arm which then flows out through the shower head. This 2-valve diverter may be located in the middle of a mixer tap having single spout that adjusts water by turning to left or right. Alternatively, such 2-way diverter valves are also found between taps in a 2-tap setup.

Tee Diverter:The tee diverter is a single-valve diverter, located in the tub spout. You run the water to the desired, and upon pulling the diverter arm in the tub spout, water gets directed to the shower head.

Plate Diverters:Plate diverters have a plastic or metal plate that stops the water from flowing out of the tub spout which is diverted to the showerhead. Plate diverters are used in conjunction with single handle valves or two-handle valves, with the diverter being located on the tub spout or on the valve body. Sometimes water pressure is used to hold the plate diverter in place, and some use a spring mechanism.

Tub Spout Diverter:When the diverter’s location is on the tub spout, it is called a tub spout diverter.

Technical Issues

Just like any other device, daily use of diverter valves can lead to wear and tear. They can also experience grime and sediment build-up. This leads to inefficient functioning where water isn't completely diverted and flows out through more than one outlet. If you do face any such problems, then it may be time for a replacement or repair. An expert plumber will able to give you the correct advice.

At QS Supplies, we have showcased a large number of high quality diverters for your convenience. These come to you from market leading brands such as Bristan, Abode, Sagittarius, Vado and more.

Abode Euphoria 2-3 Way Diverter Valve - AB2426

Abode Euphoria 2-3 Way Diverter Valve

Abode introduces this meticulously crafted 2/3 Way Diverter Valve in the Euphoria series. This gorgeous piece is a high quality offering of metal and ABS that brings long-lasting style and functionality. It is has a high shine chrome polish to blend with the ultra-glam bathroom brassware. Designed for low water pressure, this WRAS approved valve is easy to fit and easy to clean.

Pura Bloque Wall Mounted Concealed 4 Way Diverter Valve - BQ4WDIV

Pura Bloque Wall Mounted Diverter

High on efficiency and elegance, the chic and stylish Bloque 4 Way Diverter Valve from Pura is an exclusive model that diverts water flow between 1 inlet and three outlets. A top quality brass body comes with the promise of durability and long life. Polished with a chrome finish, it works effectively with at least 1.0 bar or high water pressure and comes with a 10-year guarantee. This valve is fully compatible with UK plumbing systems.

Tre Mercati Square Deck Mounted 2 Way Diverter

Tre Mercati Square Deck Mounted 2 Way Diverter

Bring a touch of majestic grandeur to your bathroom by fitting the latest 2-way diverter from Tre Mercati. Its block-like body is cast in durable brass and can be deck mounted. Smart and minimal, its chrome polish is sure to make it attractive along with the other brassware. Made from fine quality material, it is suitable for use with medium and high water pressure systems. Needs a minimum water pressure of 0.5 bar for efficient working and come with a ten years guarantee.

Latest Reviews

When we decided to do up the shower room I was determined to have a large fixed shower head coming out of the ceiling, however, this did not work with the wife's hair washing regime and she insisted on a hand held unit... so my quest for the best of both worlds began... and I found this neat little diverter switch that gave us just that... not only does it fit the purpose splendidly, but it also looks good with the polished chrome finish. I would highly recommend.
Overall Rating:   5 StarFrom: Ricky Aldred
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

The item was delivered very quickly. It has not been installed yet so I can't comment on its performance in use. It looks the part though.
Overall Rating:   3 StarFrom: Robert Illingworth
Quality : 0 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

As this was a discontinued item I was very pleased to find it on this website. Obviously I was expecting a water diverter but not something of such a high quality! It's a heavy solid chunk of well engineered brass. Even the valve operating knob is solid chrome plated brass. Nothing flimsy about this valve. The chromework is of a very high standard. The valve operation has a reassuring smoothness when turned. The valve allows both outlets to be fed at the same time (which, for me, is ideal) or each individually. This is a large item to fit into a cavity wall, my plumber had to build a stud wall to install the valve satisfactorily. This is in no way a fault with the valve just with the crumbly nature of my house inner breeze block wall! So far I am very pleased with this item and it looks "reassuringly expensive" in my wetroom.
Overall Rating:   5 StarFrom: Jacques Rock
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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