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Shower Lights

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How to Select the Right Shower Lights

Studies indicate that about 25% of a person’s life is spent in the bathroom, but despite it being an important room, many people pay little attention to the space when installing lighting. This shouldn’t be the case though; it is important to take time to select the right lights so that the space can be made more relaxing and functional.

Things to Keep In Mind.

Before fixing any lighting installations, it is necessary to consider how much sunlight reaches the room. If there is a lot of natural light, the room will call for less lighting fixtures. Even so, for the space to remain just as well lit at night, some sort of artificial lighting has to be included. This has to be strategically done so that no corners stay dark when the lights are on. Accordingly, lighting in the bathroom should be fixed based on how much an area is used. For instance, the location in which the mirror is placed should have more lighting to make certain that one can see themselves properly at the time of applying makeup or shaving. Similarly, the shower area should be well lit to prevent slipping when stepping out or in; into the cubicle.

Types of Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lights are available in a whole range of designs some of which are simple, and only made to be functional to selections which are elegant yet still practical. However, the varieties can be narrowed down into several categories which include down lights, wall lights, and shower lights.

Down Lights

Also, referred to as recessed lights, these comes with tiny bulbs that are often embedded into the ceiling in rows. They may also be fixed on cabinet hoods in bathrooms. Typically, they are installed in such a manner that the user can dim or brighten them depending on the mood the user aims to create in the room.

Wall Lights

These comes with metal brackets that allow for their installation on the wall. They diffuse light very well by giving it a gentle, natural feel.

Shower Lights

These are usually flat and round, and enclosed in waterproof casings that keep the bulbs from getting into direct contact with water. Accordingly, they are ideal for tubs, and shower areas where water is likely to be splashed around.

Regardless of the type of lighting that you opt for, the most important thing to do is to keep things practical. Again, it is also good to consider how the lighting will fit in with the decor, and the size of the room.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to stick to one type of light for your bathroom; different combinations can be used to create the most desirable feel. Bear in mind, although not too much, the time spent in the shower every day is sufficient to warrant proper planning with regards to the type of lighting to install.

Waterproof Fixtures

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make a change from round showerlight looks good and easy to fit
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: Colin Bretherton on September 28, 2016
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 4 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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Having the transformer remotely positioned from the light, I have removed the risk of 240v leakage if moisture was to get into the system. The light has been functioning perfectly for 6 months and we can now shower in safety.
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: GWILYM JAMES on October 3, 2015
Quality : 4 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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