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April Baths

April Products continue to build an exciting presence in the bathroom industry following two decades of success. This Yorkshire based British company delivers 'high-quality products at consistently competitive prices.' With exceptional finish and exacting attention to detail at every stage of the design and manufacture process, you can be sure of an innovative quality product. We have a range of contemporary, freestanding baths from April. Double-walled insulation keeps your water hotter for longer, while Thermolite further increases the insulating properties. However, it is the design that will attract you to these baths at first glance: sleek modern works of art in their own right, with a real presence in their beautiful curves. Whether your taste leans towards a modern reflection of the Victorian slipper bath, or you are looking for something that is fit to be in a museum of modern art, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Choices listed below include contemporary soaking, back to the wall, double-ended traditional, single-ended flattop, and roll-top baths. All baths at QS Supplies, offer you a level of extreme comfort and are all backed by the manufacturer's guarantee. With their outstanding quality and design, the stunning tubs will fulfil all the promises of the first impression.

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