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Kitchen Sinks & Taps

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen manufactures in UK and Europe are continuously pushing the boundaries of Kitchen design and designing contemporary kitchens for the heart of the home with a perfect price performance ratio. One of the most important accessory used in Kitchens are Kitchen Sinks. Modern Kitchen Sinks available today features beautiful curves, metallic finishes, rich and cool monotones.

Kitchen sinks should be chosen for their functionality as well as their artistic visual value in kitchens. There are plainly hundreds of styles of sinks and many materials and mounting choices are available. Stainless steel has always been the material of choice in professional kitchens and is one of the popular choices among people in UK and Europe. The most frequent kitchen sinks, whether it's surface mount or under- mount, the most commonly used material is stainless steel. Stainless steel is the best material when it comes to cleaning, durability and stain resistant.

Kitchen Bowls can be combined in single units to obtain double and triple bowl sinks, in many cases the bowls of different sizes can be combined, in order to serve different purposes. Kitchen Sinks can also be obtained with integral drainers.

There are Different types of Kitchen sinks available in the market such as surface mount and under-mount. Surface mount Kitchen sink has a rim that is visible on top of the counter and in an under-mount sink rim is not visible and it is fitted under the counter.


Usually under-mount Kitchen sink is only suitable if your kitchen table is made up of solid material such as composite or natural stone. The other type of sink that is available is one that is integrated with the counter-tops; these are available for composite type of counter-tops.

Kitchen sinks also come with an assortment of accessories. Items such as vegetable cutting boards are quite common.

Sink Accessories

At the time of selecting the kitchen sink, you need to be certain and sure regarding the depth of kitchen bowls. If you use a lot of large pots for your cooking, remember that you want a convenient method of filling the pot with water, and for that you require a deep kitchen bowl. If the sink isn't deep enough, you will have problems as the water will split out. The need for a deep sink can be offset by having a faucet with a pull out hand spray.

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