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Surrounds & Hearths for Fireplaces

Create drama and excitement in your home by adding Fire place surrounds. We stock a complete range of Marble, Granite, Timber and Lime stone surround and hearths. Surrounds showcased at our on-line store have lightweight frame and are 80% stronger. These are easy to assemble and are simple to install.




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How to Choose The Perfect Surround Hearth For Your Fireplace?

The phrase “hearth and home” is very old, but it still resonates today. In any room with a fireplace, that fire becomes the centerpiece and the living heart of the space. It’s where people gather to share quiet times, revel in warmth, and draw closer together. We have a few tips to help you find a fireplace that suits the unique personality of your home and will give your friends and family many years of enjoyment.

1. Think about your budget.

There are fireplace surrounds to suit almost any budget, but exactly how much you have to spend will have a big impact on the size, style, and materials available to you. Because it is such a central part of a room’s design, you never want to skimp on a hearth surround, but even if your budget seems small, you may be surprised at what you can afford. If your heart is set on a gigantic marble fireplace, but you don’t have the funds for it, take a step back and break down the elements of the style to see what is really appealing to you. There may be ways to reproduce or evoke the same effects or feelings in a less expensive material. Even if the sky’s the limit with your budget, this can be a valuable exercise, letting you discover what’s really important.

2. Identify your style.

No fireplace exists in isolation. In a new build, you may be planning to decorate the room around it, but in many cases you’ll be choosing a hearth surround that needs to harmonize with your existing furnishings and decor. When you first start thinking about a fireplace you might have an idea in your head that doesn’t reflect the overall style of your room. A formal reception room with brocade drapes and richly upholstered couches, a cosy family room with deep carpets and eclectic, easy chairs, and a minimalist contemporary lounge often call for very different materials, shapes and designs. Wood, plaster, tile, marble, limestone, granite and stainless steel all have their strong personalities, and it’s worth thinking about what they will bring to your space. That said, there are no rules: it’s possible to take risks and push boundaries, and sometimes you may be surprised at the way a material transforms in the context of your home.

3. Consider the space and how it is used

This is related to point 2, but is actually more fundamental. Proportions are very important. A fireplace that’s too big can overpower a room and make it look smaller while an undersized fireside surround loses impact and looks like an afterthought. The general belief is that the mantlepiece should be a little less than half the height of the ceiling. It’s also vital to think about who spends time in the room, and how. Sharp edges and corners can look crisp and modern, but present safety hazards to small children. Likewise, how much time do you spend in the room, and how much time are you willing to invest in cleaning and caring for the fireplace? The amount of upkeep the hearth surround needs can end up dictating how often it is used, so choose a material that suits your lifestyle. Even if you can afford that gigantic marble variety, it may not be the right choice for the way you live!


The visual impact of the fireplace surround is immense: it can change the entire character of a living room. Choosing the right hearth for your home is one of the most important design decisions you will make, but with so much choice on the market, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or swept up by current trends. With such a major investment, it’s worth the time to find a surround hearth that speaks to you. Enjoy!

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