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Delta Shower Faucet Repair – A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Fix a Dripping Delta Shower Faucet

Delta Shower makes some of the best faucets you can ever find. You can look long and hard if you want to, but chances are that, rarely will you be able to find something that is as good as this. These faucets look visually attractive and they work smoothly without any hassles. These products are made with exceptionally durable materials, and so, you can certainly expect that they will last for several years. However the fact remains that, sometimes there are indeed damages. There is nothing really wrong with these products. These faucets might get damaged just like everything else does. You will have to go for Delta Shower faucet repair when there is damage. And if a repair is not possible, then you will have to search for Delta faucet replacement parts. Luckily, these parts are easily available, and so, you won’t face any hurdles there as well.

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Repairing Your Delta Faucet Parts – How to Do It

What you will need to do the job.

Do keep in mind that you will need a few things to repair your faucet. Here they are for you.

Disassembling Your Faucet

You must always turn the water off before you take the things apart. If you cannot turn the faucet off, then turn the entire house’s water supply off. It is important that you do so. You can start off once this is done. Some faucets have a grey colored plastic disc, and also a silver sleeve. If you have them in your model, then make sure that you have slid them off. Now take out the brass ring which holds the guts in your faucet’s assembly and keeps them in place. Once again, make sure that the water supply is off. If it is, then you should loosen up the ring made of brass. You can use the strap wrench or do it by hand. You have now reached the position where the faucet assembly can be removed. Sometimes this gets stuck, and so, you might have to apply some pressure so that it eases out. Remember, some water may leak out here, even though you have disconnected the water supply.

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Faucet Assembly Opening

Delta faucet parts that are to be removed will probably be inside the assembly. They are sandwiched between the white and blue valves for a leaking faucet. Press on the blue valve and twist it for opening the assembly. Now pull out the rubber seats by pulling it out – you should be able to do this without any hassles. You can pull out the spring too and install a new one to give it a comfortable fit. This is where you can replace your Delta faucet replacement parts.

Reassembling Your Faucet

Now that you have installed the replacement, you will of course have to place everything back. Do not worry. This is simple too. Actually, you will just need to reverse all the steps that are mentioned here, and you should be able to do it easily and quickly. Place the rubber seats and the springs back in place. Press the white and blue valves together. Twist them so that they join up. Reinsert your faucet assembly to the brass sleeve and make this secured with the ring that is made of brass. You can use the strap wrench for tightening. But do keep in mind that you should never overdo this. Now place the silver sleeve on the assembly and the plastic disc in its original place. Finally, reattach the handle. You are done. This should be enough to stop the dripping.

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Is the Job Easy?

If you have not done the job on your own before, then it may certainly seem to be complicated or difficult. You should know that the process is actually quite an easy one. In fact, you may not even have to call a plumber for this. A lot of people do this job themselves and save the trouble of calling a plumber and money as well. You should be able to do this easily as well. The entire process may take just about 15 minutes or so. The process is definitely painless and quick.

But do remember a few things. First, you need the right parts or equipment to do the Delta shower faucet repair job accurately. Second, you must follow the steps accurately. Even the slightest mistake could prove to be costly here. And last, do please ensure that you have cut out the water supply when you are fixing it. If you are doing it on your own, then as an incentive, you will be saving money, as you don’t have to play the plumber. If you are a DIY kind of a person, then you will certainly enjoy doing this simple and quick repair job on your own as well.